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A 17th-century Caravaca Cross (produced to celebrate the end of the Black Death in Europe) was found on this property several years ago, and kept in safe storage. It has been stolen! Authorities are certain that the thief is still on the property, but they are not certain who it was. The cross was stashed in a hiding place, but what – and in what room? That is where you come in: help Miss Fatio find her cross and bring the culprit to justice!

There are 9 rooms to choose from, 6 potential hiding places, and six suspects. Who stole the cross? What did they stash it in? Where – in which room – did they hide it? Pay attention as you tour the potential crime scenes.

And remember, it’s all a crime scene so… TOUCH NOTHING!
Don’t delay – you only have 90 minutes. GOOD LUCK!

Spooky kitchen
Heist participants
Heist participants
Heist participants
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