Convocation of Seminole War Historians

August 11th, 12, 13th.

The convocation will gather organizations and historians throughout Florida interested in the Seminole Wars era. Do not miss this unique opportunity to interact with others!


* Friday: Informal evening social at the St. Augustine Officers Club. Curator hosted tours of the Florida National Guard Museum.

* Saturday: 10th annual living-history commemoration of the 1842 parade and ceremony, National Cemetery. Organized by the West Point Society of N. Florida.

>A festive lunch. Elgin Jumper presents his reflections on Seminole art and culture.

>Panels on: Research, publications, archaeology, Fort King, and Seminole history.

>Living-historians’ workshop at the historic Ximinez-Fatio House.

>Evening presentation by award-winning authors Mary Lou and John Missall.

* Sunday: Breakfast buffet. Retrospective of Frank Laumer’s groundbreaking research, publications, and organizational initiatives. Speakers. Commentary.